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The Cuban Music Project

The Cuban Music Project is currently cultivating two main branches: educational events and media production.

Educational Workshops and Events

The project’s educational branch produces a series of workshops, classes, and performances providing a deeper and wider understanding of Cuban music. Through knowledge one gains appreciation.

Among the workshops produced :
“Finding the Clave”
“Rumba…What Are Those Musicians Playing?”
“Son, Song and Puya”

“Crazy for Conga!”

Weekly group and private classes are offered for those interested in pursuing a more in-depth study of Cuban music and dance.

The CMP features shows and performances that keep the Cuban heritage alive as well as introduce these traditions to new audiences.

A sampling of classes taught by Roberto Borrell

Media Production

The project’s media branch is currently producing a feature length documentary film, “La Llave, La Clave” shot in the United States and Cuba. The film follows Roberto Borrell’s return to Cuba to visit his first love, Carnaval, an event he has not witnessed for 30 years.

Pursuing his passion for the Clave, the rhythmic background of Cuban music, Roberto unlocks fascinating connections between sacred African traditions and popular Cuban dance music. As the documentary follows Roberto’s personal journey, viewers encounter a unique, intimate look at decades of rich cultural history.